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UNBREAKLABEL® creates, realize, and distributes tableware Tritan, polystyrene, and polypropylene.

In order to offer innovative, reliable products with perfect esthetics and that fits with regulatory requirements, we have created an organization to control the entire process of manufacturing and distribution.
Our laboratory of research and development enables us to offer to our customers innovations that meet accurately all of their expectations needed.
Our manufacturing is based on constantly controlled procedures to realize quality products and to comply with regulatory and health requirements in sectors like: foodservice, communities and public places.
Our distribution is structured to provide maximum responsiveness to our customers while providing quality of consulting and listening that is necessary for an appropriate response to the customers needs.

This organization is based on the intelligence of the human and rigorous procedures that makes UNBREAKLABEL® one of the most successful providers of Tritan™ dishes.

Tritan™ Tableware polystyrene and polypropylene : the true esthetic and economical alternative.

In the field of catering and drinking establishments, the management of the dishes, especially glasses and cups, is a challenge in terms of profitability and respect of the environment :

> The fragility of the glass is constrained to a constant renewal of expensive stocks.
> Plastic is unsightly, poor quality and has an additional economic disadvantage.

For communities (schools, retirement homes, etc.) there are risks of glass breaking. Regulatory requirements, to protect consumers, request a strict framework that often leads to the selection of unsightly and uncomfortable solutions, such as plastic cups or glasses made of unattractive materials.

The Tritan™ allows for glasses and cups to be unbreakable without compromising on aesthetics, meeting the standards and the environmental respect.

UNBREAKLABEL® offers a range of diversified products, esthetic safe, 100% recyclable and suitable for all the needs of these sectors of activities.

Tritan™, polystyrene et polypropylene

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