UNBREAKLABEL® is a trademark that consists on a range of unbreakable tableware made of Tritan ,polypropylene and polystyrene crystal Bisphenol A (BPA).
In agreement with the legislation and food regulation.
The range is designed in particular to any restoration, communities (schools, hospitals, nursing homes, barracks, prisons, sports centers, stadiums), beaches, pools, cruises, nightclubs, concerts, breweries, alcool.
This range has many advantages, mainly security, transparency and heat resistance (-40 ° to + 160 ° C).

• Resistance to hydrolysis (dishwasher) guarantee without tarnishing.
• Shock resistance: UNBREAKABLE (+ 3 tonnes cm3)
• food contact approved
• Crystal Gloss confusion
• FDA and CE Approved
• Microwave
• Thermal Insulation
• Ecological: 100% recyclable
• Economical

In UNBREAKLABEL® no less than two new products are introduced into the range every two months, depending on demand and market trends, to meet customer needs and adapt to trends in the industry of plastic.

Furthermore, UNBREAKLABEL® wishes refocus its activities on its first skills: Follow the client project from the start to finished product, through the feasibility study, consulting, modeling and mold design.

UNBREAKLABEL® also operates in the fields of printing :
• Dry offset printing, infrared and ultraviolet for glasses, as well as the labeling "In-Mould Labelling"
• The screen printing
• The pad printing
• The laser printing

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